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Child Care Resources for Parents

Research-based content and guides on child care and early learning

5 Reasons Why Libraries Are Perfect for Preschoolers
Many parents of young children often think of public libraries as being for older children and young adults who are able to sit quietly and read on their own. Libraries, however, offer tremendous resources and opportunities for young children and families. 
2021 Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Preschoolers
The very best gifts and toys provide enjoyment and excitement well beyond the holiday season. Use this list to inspire gift ideas for your 2-5 year old that will create lasting memories of fun and joy this holiday season.

Child Care Resources for Schools

Tips for engaging with families and growing your child care center

A New Year’s Countdown: Celebrating our Early Childhood Educators
As we reflect on 2021, it is clear that early childhood teachers have truly carried so many families and young children through the challenges and disruptions of this year. May we celebrate their efforts as we countdown with 10 reasons we are so grateful for their hard work.
How to Ensure an Inclusive Holiday Curriculum
During this time of year, many early learning centers plan lessons, activities, and events to celebrate the holidays. Finding ways to teach about many different holidays from various cultures and geographic locations communicates that all children and families are valued.
The Power of a School Newsletter: Ideas for Writing and Sharing Information
Parents of young children are constantly inundated with information and are often balancing multiple children, work, and other elements of a busy life. Having a regular, single point of communication from the childcare center that includes important and relevant information can go a long way in easing the burdens on parents.

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