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5 Effective Ways to Help Back-to-School Exhaustion
The first days and weeks of the school year are filled with new routines which can leave children tired and over-stimulated. This back-to-school exhaustion is not only common but also makes sense given all that young children are learning, processing, and experiencing at school during the day, especially at the start of the year. 
How to Help Your Child Make Friends- 5 Practical Tips
y children, preschools or childcare centers present the first opportunities for children to meet a group of new peers. Knowing how to help your child make friends at school can help them transition into the new environment.
Questions to Ask Your Child About School – 10 Important Questions
If you’re like many parents, you may be unsure what questions to ask your child about school in order to get a detailed response. In order to engage a child in conversation, parents can ask more direct questions that encourage connections to feelings or experiences they might have encountered during their day.

Child Care Resources for Schools

Tips for engaging with families and growing your child care center

Tips for Boosting Staff Morale
When teachers feel connected and valued, they bring a joyful approach to their students and families. That’s why it is important to build an overall culture of appreciation in order to sustain optimistic and energetic morale throughout the school year.
Tips for Welcoming New Families
For families, sending a child to a preschool or childcare center can be a big step. Providing a warm welcome for families and creating a sustained feeling of connection can go a long way in helping new families acclimate to their new school.
Strategies for Retaining Families and Building Community
Families are a fundamental component of any early childhood learning center or school. Preschools and childcare centers can take active steps retaining families by making them feel welcomed, connected, and valued in order to cultivate a multi-year relationship with them.

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