10 Fun Summer Learning Activities for Your Preschooler

Summer is a great time to build skills and have fun reading in a relaxed, carefree way. As you spend time outside enjoying the warm, sunny days, here are some fun summer learning activities to encourage learning through play.  

Toddler boy using sidewalk chalk during summer learning activities
Summer Learning Activities: Using Letters of the Alphabet, Reading, & Writing 
  1. Write with Sidewalk Chalk: Kids love to create with sidewalk chalk. When playing outside, write letters of the alphabet with chalk and invite your child to name, trace, or copy the letters you write. 
  2. Paint with Water: Painting with water on sidewalks or driveways is a great way to enjoy the fun of painting without the mess. Fill a bucket of water and use large and small paint brushes to practice making letters or writing names. 
  3. Scoop Alphabet Soup: Fill a plastic bin with water and add in foam or magnetic letters (or write letters on ping pong balls). Using a ladle, large spoon, or measuring cup, have your child scoop a letter. Work together to name the letter. 
  4. Go on an Alphabet Walk: With your child, choose a letter of the alphabet. Then, go on a walk together to look for things that begin with that letter.
  5. Plan a Reading Picnic: Pack a snack, a picnic blanket, and some favorite books, and find a quiet place to read together. You might even coordinate your snack with a theme or topic from one of the books. 
Toddler girl reading during summer learning activities
Summer Learning Activities: Using Shapes, Colors, & Numbers 
  1. Create Shapes with Nature: Use items from nature to create different shapes. Work together to use rocks, leaves, and sticks to make circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. 
  2. Design a Movement Course: Make a movement course by drawing different shapes in a row using sidewalk chalk. Determine a movement to match each shape. Children might twirl when they reach a circle, hop on a square, or clap when they land on a triangle.  
  3. Count Rocks or Shells: Find rocks or shells at a nearby beach or park and practice counting. Move the objects from one pile to another as you count. After counting, you might even sort the rocks by size or the shells by color.
  4. Measure with Everyday Objects: Find a small object such as a marker or toy shovel and use it to measure other, larger objects. Talk about how many markers long a bike is or how many toy shovels long a wagon is. 
  5. Play I Spy Color: Play a game of I Spy by naming a color and taking turns finding something of that color. You might play outside using nature for inspiration or inside to brighten up a rainy day.

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