5 Important Benefits of Child Care for the Entire Family 


Most parents look to daycare and preschool to fill logistical needs that arise from work schedules and commitments or to give their children exposure to academic content and experiences. There are many benefits of child care, however, beyond these primary considerations—some of which extend to the entire family. With these in mind, even families who choose to stay home with their child or those who have nearby family members who are available to babysit might still enroll in a childcare center one or two days each week.

  1. Independence: Schools and childcare centers naturally empower children to be more independent, one of the many benefits of child care. These settings provide models from peers, guidance from educators, and opportunities for practice in an environment that is designed to encourage learning and growth.

  2. Socialization: Children enjoy being around and interacting with other children. Even children who have siblings at home benefit from having friendships with children their age and from different backgrounds. This socialization with other children their age fosters language development as they listen and communicate while playing and learning. The shared play encourages children to collaborate and consider others’ needs, developing a sense of empathy and community.

  3. New Experiences: Early childcare educators are skilled at facilitating developmentally-appropriate learning experiences and providing unique opportunities for exploring, imagining, and creating. When children are in the social school setting, they are more likely to engage in activities they might not try at home. This willingness often extends to other spheres, including trying new and different foods, choosing different toys, and playing alongside new friends. 

  4. Family Friendships: Joining a school community is one of the many benefits of child care for the entire family. Just as young children might meet new friends, parents, too, often connect with other families with similar-aged children. These family friendships add great value during your children’s early years and can even grow into lifelong connections.

  5. Support System: Children benefit from having more adults in their life who care about them and look out for their wellbeing. Parents benefit from having a trusted, experienced team to serve as a resource for questions, concerns, and insights about their child. By joining a school community, families are connected to a team that will help them navigate, support, and encourage their children’s growth and development.

For families who are looking to join a school community, PreK.com makes it easy to find the perfect fit, book tours, and enroll. You can start your search online, or contact one of our Family Advisers who can help!