5 Important Benefits of Child Care for the Entire Family 

Most parents look to daycare and preschool to fill logistical needs that arise from work schedules and commitments or to give their children exposure to academic content and experiences. There are many benefits of child care, however, beyond these primary considerations—some of which extend to the entire family.

STEAM Activities for Early Learners (6 Creative Examples)

The curiosity and wonder of toddlers and preschoolers are truly boundless. STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math—is an educational movement that taps into this natural inclination to explore, incorporating inquiry and creativity into students’ learning experiences. STEAM activities provide hands-on opportunities for students to discover the world around the world.

Helping Young Children Develop Independence

As young children grow and learn, they develop their own personalities and have thoughts, feelings, and opinions about their world. With this budding awareness, they seek to have a role in their day-to-day experiences and activities.