Child wearing mask painting a rainbow on a window
Child wearing mask painting a rainbow on a window

Committed to Your Family’s Health and Safety

We founded to make it easier for parents to find child care. Now, COVID-19 has made an already difficult process even harder. And it has made our mission even more important. We’re here to help you navigate your daycare or preschool search during COVID-19 and beyond. Here’s how:

  • School feedback

    We’re in constant communication with schools across the country, learning about which safety protocols are the most successful. This helps us recommend the best providers to families.

  • Platform upgrades

    We’ve added new features to, like notifications on our Member School pages to highlight additional measures the center is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Dedicated support

    Our team of Family Advisers is on call to text, email, call, or chat with parents looking for trusted, safe centers. We can even help organize virtual school tours for those that are interested.

  • Schools are stepping up. Here’s what to look for.

    Daycare and preschool centers are excited to welcome you and your family back to child care. Most schools have implemented strict protocols to help keep your family safe. Here are some of the common changes you can expect from a daycare or preschool.

    • A preschool teacher wearing a medical mask plays with infant in daycare
      • Assigned seats
      • Lower teacher-student ratios
      • Physical barriers between desks
      • No food/drink/outside objects in classroom
      • Inside and outside shoes
    • A preschool teacher takes the temperature of a child wearing a medical mask
      • Limited number of students
      • Temperature checks
      • Signed health and exposure affirmation
      • Shorter hours to allow for cleaning
      • Masks and social distancing
      • Altered drop-off and pick-up
    • Two children in medicals masks reading books in preschool
      • Limited peer to peer interaction collaboration
      • Staggering outdoor / playground activities
      • Limited direct contact with teachers
      • Naptime mats spaced out; arranged head-to-toe
    • Touchless check-in with QR code scanning
      • HVAC upgrades
      • Bathroom upgrades
      • Touchless technology
      • Staff PPE / laundered clothing

    Your questions answered

    Still looking for peace-of-mind before placing your child in daycare or preschool? Start with these resources below.

    Resources you can trust

    Our child care experts have put together resources to help you find a school you can trust. Check out these articles, and if you have additional questions, reach out to one of our Family Advisers who can help! We’re in constant contact with schools across the territories we serve, so we can provide up-to-date information on a daycare or preschool you may be considering.

    Two children in preschool wearing medical masks

    Returning to Childcare: What the Data & Science Tell Us

    Early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, information about the virus, how it was transmitted, and what activities were safe seemed to change on a weekly or even daily basis.

    A child with a ball playing outdoors with other children at a preschool

    5 Benefits of Childcare for the Entire Family

    Most parents look to daycare and preschool to fill logistical needs that arise from work schedules and commitments or to give their children exposure to academic content and experiences.

    An expecting mother and her toddler

    Planning Ahead: Thinking About Childcare When You’re Expecting

    Expecting a new baby can be both exciting and joyful as well as a bit overwhelming as you plan for the first days, weeks, and months.

    Find a school that’s safe, open, and prepared.

    Use to find childcare centers that have taken advanced precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Simply look for this information box on the profile of any Member School.

    A school page showing the school's Covid safety measures
    A school page showing the school's Covid safety measures

    Are you a child care provider?

    We’re helping schools navigate a new normal. is giving schools more tools to fill empty seats and manage their business. If you’re a childcare center struggling to navigate these difficult times, learn more about how helps families find your school, with no upfront costs and no subscription fees.

    A teacher and student wearing medical masks work together on a drawing at a preschool