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Daycare and Preschool in Rabun Gap, GA

With 1 child care centers in Rabun Gap, you won’t have difficulty finding a great school that fits your family’s needs. There are both small and large daycare and preschool centers, full-time and part-time options, and age-appropriate programs for children ranging from 6 weeks old through 5 years old. There are also variety of educational approaches, such as play-based centers, Montessori schools, and more structured learning environments.

You can use to search and compare schools, book tours and enroll, and save money on tuition! Start by conducting a search in the form above, or browse some of the top Rabun Gap daycare and preschool options below.

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Our team of child care experts has personally reviewed and evaluated daycare and preschool providers across Rabun Gap. A Family Adviser can help simplify your search by providing localized recommendations, booking tours for you, or answering any other questions you have. Family Adviser Caitlyn Lashbrook can help you find child care in Rabun Gap

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Common questions about finding child care in Rabun Gap

How can I find the best child care near me in Rabun Gap?

You can use to find daycare and preschool centers in Rabun Gap that offer fun, safe learning environments and high-quality teachers to help your child learn and grow. You can either conduct your own search at the top of this page, or click “Get Started” to answer a few simple questions about your needs, and our Family Adviser team will personally recommend some schools for you. Regardless of the child care provider you choose, you can be confident that the school has gone through’s evaluation process to ensure it meets our high standards.

What types of daycare and preschool centers can I find in Rabun Gap?

Just like no two children are alike, no two schools are the same. Every daycare and preschool in Rabun Gap is unique. Some schools are faith-based and provide young children with a spiritual and educational curriculum. Other schools in Rabun Gap have specific types of educational philosophies, like Montessori schools, and many have unique curriculums, such as the Creative Curriculum, Learn Every Day, HighScope, Frog Street, and others. Many child care providers in Rabun Gap also offer second language programs. You can find schools that accommodate your unique schedule, such as part-day care, full-day care, or after-care. Many child care providers in Rabun Gap are also accredited by regional or national associations, giving them additional credentials. There are both small, medium, and large schools, some of which also provide meals and transportation as part of their programs.

How do I find out what my tuition will cost at a specific school in Rabun Gap? has collected tuition information on many daycare and preschool centers across Rabun Gap, so that you don’t have to call dozens of schools or conduct your own time-consuming research online. If you haven’t already, simply create a free account, search for schools near you in Rabun Gap, click on a few schools you’re interested in, and then you can view tuition rates by age and program. We even have a tuition calculator where you can determine how much the school would cost after receiving your 13th month of tuition free, which we sponsor when you enroll at a Member School and pay through

How can I book a tour at a school in Rabun Gap using is a free online platform that helps you find, book tours, apply, and enroll at top daycare and preschools near you. On each school’s page, you will find a feature to request a tour at a time that fits your schedule. Our Family Adviser team will personally coordinate your request with the school, and we will follow up with you by phone or email to confirm the time once the tour has been booked. After you tour one or multiple schools, and you are ready to enroll, can help you submit your application and enrollment documents to the school. If you enroll at a Member School in Rabun Gap and pay through, you’ll receive your 13th month of tuition free!

What questions should I ask a daycare or preschool before enrolling?

As you consider a daycare or preschool in Rabun Gap, you will likely have many questions related to safety, hours, meals, transportation, and what activities your child will be doing during the day. You may want to ask if the tuition is due weekly, monthly, or on another schedule. You might be interested in the teacher-student ratio at the school, as well as any enrichment programs the provider offers. You may also have questions specific to Covid-19 protocols, such as “What are the mask-wearing requirements for staff and students?”, “How will the facility, learning materials, and toys be regularly cleaned and disinfected?”, and “What are your protocols if a staff member or student becomes ill with Covid-like symptoms or tests positive for the illness?”

How much does child care cost in Rabun Gap?

In Georgia, the average cost of care for a 4 year old is approximately $594.00 per month. This can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the city in which you are looking for care. We are still working on collecting average price information for child care in Rabun Gap, but we do have specific tuition rates for many schools in Rabun Gap. Visit a school’s profile for its tuition rates, and remember that you receive the 13th month of tuition free at any Member School when you enroll and pay through

I have a specific question about a school in Rabun Gap or about Who can I ask?

We have a dedicated team of child care experts, our Family Advisers, who can help! If you have a specific question about a school—whether about its staff, facilities, tuition rates, or even its license inspection and safety history—we can get you the answers you’re looking for. We can also call schools to arrange tours for you, help you fill out application and enrollment documents, and ensure you get your 13th month of tuition free at any Member School. Email us , or you can call us at 877-PreK-Now (877-773-5669) .

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