Get to know the people of brings together a diverse group of experts in early childhood education and digital technology who all share a deep commitment to helping kids reach their full potential. We may not all have Customer Service in our job titles, but we’re all very eager to help in any way we can.

Meet the team behind our vision

Our Founders

Headshot of Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer

Founder and Co-CEO

Headshot of Andy Zwick

Andy Zwick

Founder and Co-CEO

Headshot of Karol Yisell Mayer

Karol Yisell Mayer

(née Lora Vasquez)

Co-Founder and Head of Community

Headshot of James Keiger

James Keiger

Co-Founder and CTO

Karol Mayer with a child sliding down a bounce house

Team Member Spotlight

Karol Yisell Mayer
(née Lora Vasquez) Co-Founder and Head of Community

Born in Palmira, Colombia and facing tremendous hardship as a child, Karol lacked access to basic housing, educational and medical resources, and support. Now, in addition to her work with, Karol is an educator herself, working towards completing an advanced degree in elementary education and serving as a special-education classroom volunteer in Miami-Dade Public Schools.

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Our Passionate Team Members

Headshot of John Wilson

John Wilson

Vice President of Strategy and Revenue Management

Headshot of Cory Maran

Cory Maran

Vice President of Marketing

Headshot of Maria Pacheco

Maria Pacheco

School Development Director

Headshot of Caitlin Lashbrook

Caitlin Lashbrook

Family Adviser

Headshot of Matt Willman

Matt Willman

Enrollment Specialist

Headshot of Christina Lladó

Christina Lladó

School Development Director

Headshot of Julian Delerme

Julian Delerme

Software Engineer

Headshot of Ally Smirnov

Ally Smirnov

Software Engineer

Headshot of Ana Maria Cortes

Ana Maria Cortes

Director of Photography & Enrollment Specialist

Headshot of Tasneem Nafar

Tasneem Nafar

School Development Director

Headshot of Mary Ingham

Mary Ingham

Family Adviser

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Fun Facts About Our Team!

Ally Smirnov, Software Engineer, is passionate about making Computer Science education and software engineering more accessible, and mentors boot-camp graduates in technical interview preparedness.

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