Headshot of Ana Maria Cortes

Ana Maria Cortes

Director of Photography & Enrollment Specialist

Ana Maria Cortes is the Director of Photography and an Enrollment Specialist for PreK.com. A photographer at heart and mother of two amazing kids, Ana Maria's work helps parents make informed decisions about child care, and helps schools put their best foot forward online. Her beautiful imagery of PreK.com's Member Schools, their passionate educators, and highly engaged students help to paint a clear picture of a "day in the life" for interested parents, so they know what to expect even before visiting the school for a tour. Ana Maria's passion for photography dates back to before she had kids herself, but increased after her daughter was born, as she began to document her kids' lives through the lens of her camera. Following her passion, she became a professional photographer in 2016, and has played a key role in the development of PreK.com's Member School profiles. Ana Maria worked in the early education field with kids with disabilities as an assistant teacher. Later in her career at a nonprofit organization, she assisted in empowering members of the community to become self-sufficient and lead productive lives. She has been a business owner for more than 18 years and holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University.