Headshot of Andy Zwick

Andy Zwick

Founder and Co-CEO

Andy Zwick is Co-CEO and Founder of PreK.com, an online platform designed to help parents navigate early childhood education and childcare. Mr. Zwick also is a Co-Founder and Director of SchoolWise Partners, a leading brokerage and advisory firm for educators and owners of schools in early childhood throughout the United States. Prior to co-founding PreK.com, Mr. Zwick was the Founder and CEO of Derm101, a pioneer in online medical education that provides digital resources to physicians who treat skin diseases worldwide. In 2016, Mr. Zwick sold Derm101 to a Nestlé portfolio company. Mr. Zwick is involved in various philanthropic efforts in the field of education. He is Executive Director of the Foundation for Constitutional Government, which produces online programming devoted to the serious study of politics and political thought, and Executive Director of the Program on Constitutional Government at Harvard. Earlier in his professional life, Andy was a principal in a real estate firm in New York that specialized in development. He began his career as the business manager of A. Bernard Ackerman, M.D., a preeminent skin pathologist, until Dr. Ackerman’s death in 2008. Mr. Zwick played a pivotal role in the development and growth of Dr. Ackerman's practice in New York City, which was sold to a publicly traded company. Mr. Zwick graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with an A.B. in history.