Headshot of Tasneem Nafar

Tasneem Nafar

School Development Director

Tasneem Nafar is a School Development Director for PreK.com. Prior to PreK.com, Tasneem worked as Director of Admissions for a large corporate childcare chain and two well-known private schools in the Atlanta metro. As she worked with parents in her previous roles, she recognized the obstacles they dealt with while seeking high-quality care. She has also personally experienced the difficulties schools experience while trying to maintain engagement with parents who are in the process of seeking childcare. As an admissions director, Tasneem spent her time strategizing with school administrations on how to bring in students by showcasing the best features of the schools she worked with. It is because of her experience on both sides of this market that she sees PreK.com as a perfect solution for both sets of problems. Tasneem currently resides in the Atlanta metropolitan area where she spends her time off with her husband and two children experimenting with new recipes to continue growing her love of cooking. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.