A girl makes crafts in preschool
A girl makes crafts in preschool

Save money on tuition at top daycares and preschools near you.

We believe the cost of child care shouldn’t be a barrier to a child’s learning and development. That’s why we cover your entire 13th month of tuition when you enroll and pay through PreK.com at any of our Member Schools.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. Enroll at any PreK.com Member School. Get your 13th month free.

  • Join PreK.com (it’s free)

    Create a free PreK.com account by clicking “Get started” below or at the top of the page. Answer a few basic questions about the type of care you’re looking for, so that we can show you nearby daycare and preschool options that fit your needs.

  • Find a school you love

    Use PreK.com to compare schools and request tours, which you can book directly through our site, or get in touch with our Family Advisers who can coordinate the tours for you. When browsing schools, look for “PreK.com Member Schools”—get your 13th month free at any of these centers!

  • Enroll and save!

    Once you’ve found the perfect school, we’ll help you complete the entire application and enrollment process. If you choose to enroll at a PreK.com Member School, you can make payments to the school directly through PreK.com, and we’ll cover your 13th month of tuition.

Savings that make an impact

Child care can be one of the most expensive items in a family’s budget. By enrolling through PreK.com, your savings can dramatically reduce the cost of care.

Earn a free month of tuition! When you enroll in a PreK.com Member School and pay tuition through us for 12 months, we pay the next month of tuition for you.

Resources you can trust

Two children wearing medical masks playing with blocks together in preschool

Pandemic-Related Health and Safety Questions to Ask Childcare Providers

Use these ten important questions to help guide your thinking and decision-making as you make a plan for your child. As you ask these questions and explore the answers make sure your school’s approach is in line with your family’s thinking.

Two children in preschool wearing medical masks

Returning to Childcare: What the Data & Science Tell Us

Early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, information about the virus, how it was transmitted, and what activities were safe seemed to change on a weekly or even daily basis.

A child with a ball playing outdoors with other children at a preschool

5 Benefits of Childcare for the Entire Family

Most parents look to daycare and preschool to fill logistical needs that arise from work schedules and commitments or to give their children exposure to academic content and experiences.

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Planning Ahead: Thinking About Childcare When You’re Expecting

Expecting a new baby can be both exciting and joyful as well as a bit overwhelming as you plan for the first days, weeks, and months.

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  • How do I know if a school is safe?

    At PreK.com, we vet and evaluate schools to make your child care search easier and to give you more peace of mind. Learn more

  • How does PreK.com make it easier to find child care?

    Finding the perfect daycare or preschool has always been difficult for parents and caregivers. That’s why we have Family Advisers, who guide parents through every step of the process. Learn more

  • How do I request a tour at a school through PreK.com?

    On each school’s page, you will find a feature to request a tour at a time that fits your schedule. Learn more